Dear NJ Conservatory Family and Friends,


Today the world is at war with an unseen enemy: COVID-19. 

The situation is shifting daily, even hourly, 

and it is difficult to anticipate the next day, 

week or even month. One thing we do know; 

action is necessary that wouldn’t have been conceivable a month ago.


New Jersey Conservatory has made the difficult decision to 

suspend all activities through he end of the spring 2020 season. 

We must pursue the social distancing 

mandated by our local and state governments 

to fight the spread of the virus that has transformed our country. 

This decision was particularly painful; 

music is a powerful source of comfort and healing. 

We know that this closing is a profound loss 

to ourselves, our choristers and students, 

our accompanist and last but not least our patrons.


This will impact the following NJC events:

Chamber Choir and Symphonic Chorus rehearsals

Youth Chorus rehearsals

Preparatory Division lessons

Spring Concerts & Recitals

All scheduled events for the benefit of NJ Conservatory 

      including the Tricky Tray -- our venues have closed.


This is by far the most challenging time we’ve faced in our 33 years 

and understand this is a great disappointment for all of us.


We anticipate resuming our activities for Fall 2020.  

In the meantime, know that we are thinking of you. 

Music will continue, and NJ Conservatory will continue as well.


Please reach out if you need anything, or just want to say hello. 

We’re always here through an email to Judy at

You can also call or text 973-402-2004. 

For those on Facebook, please leave a comment on 

NJ Conservatory’s Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!


Take care of yourselves; we’ll get through this together.



Edwin R. Foster, Executive Director

Ford R. Foster, Director

Judith M. Stuss, Administrator





The "not for profit" Preparatory Division interviews prospective students on a rolling basis. 

Why should I send my child to the Conservatory for instruction?

The Conservatory provides an overseeing structure that sets uniform standards for each level, develops specific curriculum and methods of approach to studio teaching, evaluates and tracks each student's progress on a regular basis by administrative faculty, and provides regular performance opportunities. From beginner to advanced - all levels are available

For information. call 973-402-2004 

Studios are located in Boonton, NJ

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